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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions

At what altitude are we flying?

the advantage of hot air ballooning unlike other means of air transport is the fact of being able to fly at one meter in height, as at more than 1000 meters in altitude to have an overview of the landscapes! The flights ultimately depend as much on the weather conditions of the moment as on the desires of the passengers and their courage!

How long is the flight?

The flight lasts about an hour on average. the whole service can last about 5 hours, including the inflation maneuvers, the pure aerial part, the very important Berber breakfast on landing and the return by 4×4, with the team on the ground, more or less long depending on the distance covered in flight. 

What is the temperature in flight?

Much the same as on the ground! knowing that the balloon flies in the wind, there is no air flow on board the basket.

What do we see during the flight?

The fantastic landscape of the desert and the giant snow-capped Atlas Mountains. without forgetting that each flight is unique since you cannot direct a hot air balloon … the wind chooses to make you discover the beauty of nature!

Can we get air sickness?

No, since the balloon is not attached to the ground (like a bridge or a ladder for example …), the phenomenon of vertigo does not exist! during the flight, the basket is very stable and there is no swaying. we feel very comfortable from takeoff.

Heart problem ?

If it is a love problem, nothing beats a balloon flight to feel happy like a flying bird … if it is a heart problem and you want to take a flight in the mountains, it is better to ask your advice doctor.

Why sometimes we can't fly in good weather?

Because the wind speed – which is not necessarily the same on the ground as in the air – does not always allow it. our pilots must take into account the wind conditions at altitude.

Why is there only one flight a day?

The hot air balloon moving with the winds, the pilot only controls the altitude of the balloon by heating more or less the inside of the envelope thanks to the burners. it needs good air stability, a not too high outside temperature as well as weak winds. the only way to meet all these conditions is to take off half an hour after sunrise but luckily it is one of the most beautiful moments of the day!

Where are we taking off?

The pilot chooses the take-off area according to the wind direction (to avoid, for example, flying over a prohibited area … and to make the flight as interesting as possible). as a general rule, the take-off location is north of the palm grove, between the wadi intensify and the jubilee mountains from where the magnificent view of the desert and the high atlas.

Can we sit in the basket during the flight?

No, all passengers are standing for the duration of the flight, and squatting for landing.

How many passengers are there per basket?

We have gondolas ranging from 4 to 16 passengers.

Skills of our pilots?

All our pilots are highly qualified and accredited to the Moroccan and European civil aviation authorities. they have thousands of hours of experience in several countries in their charts.